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Queen Guestroom

In-Room Services

Maximize Your R&R

Make The Most of Your Stay at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh

Welcome to Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh! During your stay, utilize the links below to:

  • Stay up to date with the latest news, sports, etc. with access to over 100 local, national and international publications through PressReader.
  • View our In-Room Dining menu and place your order online.
  • Curb your hunger. We carry a variety of snacks and drinks that you can pick up from the Front Desk or have delivered to your guestroom. Feel free to use your in-room fridge to keep things cool!
  • View our Guest Fire Evacuation Plan

  • Every fire alarm should be treated as though it is an actual emergency unless otherwise directed by Hotel Staff or Emergency Responders.

    In the event of a fire or fire alarm, please remain calm and follow all directions provided by Hotel Staff and Emergency Responders.

    Please leave your personal belongings - your life is more valuable.

    • In the event of an emergency do not use elevators
    • If you require assistance, contact the Front Desk by dialing ‘0’
    • Do not run

    Proceed to the nearest emergency stairwell. There are two emergency stairwells per guestroom floor, which can be located by following the green exit signs to the exit nearest your location.

    Emergency stairwells will lead you towards the rear exit of the building on Garland Way. From there, Hotel Staff will direct you to a meeting point located at 635 Grant Street, next to the First English Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Hotel Staff will keep you informed throughout the process. Please remain calm and await further direction. It is important that you stay with the group, allowing Hotel Staff to account for you. Do not re-enter the building unless otherwise directed.

    If you see a potential fire emergency, please pull the nearest fire alarm. Pull stations are located at each emergency exit.

    Multiple fire extinguishers are located on each guestroom floor.