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Whether you're envisioning an enormous celebration with hundreds of guests or an intimate to-do of just your nearest and dearest, planning a wedding can feel like a big undertaking. Of course, when you've got an experienced specialist working with you every step of the way to turn your unique vision of the perfect wedding into a reality, the planning process can be a lot more enjoyable. Enter: Erin Rose, our Wedding Specialist. She's got the expertise, the vendor connections and a passion for all things wedding-related from the big ideas to the littlest details, not to mention she's just fun to work with. Below you can get to know Erin a little with a short Q&A.

Meet Erin Rose

Erin Rose Wedding Planner


What is one thing that people forget while planning a wedding?

You've hired a hotel team and vendors who will fully plan your day—try to relax! Your morning will start with hair and makeup and photos before the ceremony. Once you're on site, we take care of you the rest of your evening.

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What is one question that all couples should ask on venue tours?

Always ask for a full estimate—including service fees and taxes based on your estimated guest count.

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the wedding day?

My favorite part is when you're ceremony is on site. I love seeing our brides right before walking down the aisle. That moment of quiet and calm before your entrance always gives me goosebumps. My least favorite part is also right before the ceremony. Getting your entire wedding party lined up is always a challenge!

How do you approach the planning of weddings?

This is the first time you've planned an event like this—you don't know what you don't know. I take it one step at a time and plan your day based upon what is important to you! The best part about weddings these days, is that there really aren't any standard ‘must do's' anymore. We can customize your evening completely, including the timeline, setup and the food and beverage.

Can you share a secret?

Think about a winter wedding! Not only are the prices more affordable but the entire hotel is really celebrating you. You can make it really easy and have everything on-site, from your rehearsal to your ceremony and reception to your send-off brunch the next morning. With our unique space, we can create a different feel for each of your events!

How hard is it to plan a wedding when you don't live in the area?

Really, the only time we would need you on-site is during the tasting! The rest of the planning, from the timeline to diagrams and setup, can all be done virtually—phone, email, Zoom, FaceTime...your choice! We have worked in the area for a long time, we're happy to connect you with our preferred vendors who we select based upon their reliability, quality execution and ease to work with.

What is one suggestion that you have for couples on their wedding day?

Consider a first look. This is such a special time for the two of you to connect before the craziness really starts. It's so special to capture those moments together, alone or with your closest friends and family. It also really helps your timeline throughout the evening, giving you plenty of time for photos so you aren't rushing to get to the reception. You may even be able to join your cocktail hour!

What is your favorite item on the menu?

Our Commoner fried chicken slider. It is just so good and has been one of our signature dishes since we opened the hotel!

What is your favorite item to add to a wedding?

I love adding a signature drink—it doesn't have to be something over the top, just what you like. Maybe it was something you drank on your first date or it's favorite drink to start the weekend. I love doing a bride's drink and a groom's drink and if you use simple ingredients, you can just use the bar package and it doesn't add any cost, just bring a sign for the bars!

Advice for couples post-wedding?

Get back to your life—date nights, work, going out with friends and Netflix. And don't put off writing the thank you cards. Do a few the day after your wedding, you'll regret putting it off!