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Luke & George


Tuned into Love

A good love story? Now that’s music to our ears. George and Luke were introduced by a friend from George’s Penn State singing group; eventually the friendship crescendoed into romance. After years together, the ‘Kleigels’ decided it was time to get hitched. The time was right; it was also the same year that Supreme Court granted all LGBT couples in the US the right to marry.

Memorable Details

Both Luke and George knew they wanted to get married in their beloved Pittsburgh as well as in a special and unique venue that isn’t “a machine that pumps out weddings and events”. Even before construction was done, Luke and George knew they wanted to get married at Hotel Monaco. “We felt like the style of the hotel really represented our personal style and would serve the perfect backdrop for our wedding” the couple added.

Perfect blend of funky and classic

"We wanted the dining room to feel warm – like a soft glow. I think we really brought to life – it was exactly like we’d hoped."

Personalization was key when it came to the Kleigel wedding. Luke and George spent majority of the day before decorating and setting up the tables. The couple featured the Pittsburgh skyline in their seating chart and an EPIC Pittsburgh cookie table featuring many clocks on the table to incorporate the whole New Year’s Eve theme. Many friends in the wedding party got involved throughout the night by performing various songs and having a friend officiate the ceremony.

The couple noted that they wanted a “stark contrast from dinner to dance party” and that was exactly what happened. “We’ve never experienced a party like this before – everyone was dancing and having an amazing time – the dance floor was PACKED.” The couple exclaimed. The night ended on a perfect note with the delivery of a tator tot bar at 1am and everyone dancing.

Others who made Luke and George’s wedding special:

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